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Our popular Willitts collectibles include Dreamsicles and Just the Right Shoe... take a look!
  Dreamsicles are the irresistible creations of American artist Kristin Haynes. From her farmhouse studio, Kristin designs and sculpts an array of adorable cherubs and other character that have become some of the country's favorite-and most affordable-collectible gifts. Now entering their second decade of success, Dreamsicles offer a wide range of products-from inexpensive "impulse buy' gift items to limited edition collectibles suitable for nearly any gift occasion. Whatever the occasion, nothing says love like Dreamsicles... still America's favorite cherubs!


For more information on Dreamsicles, visit their website at
www.willitts.com and click on Dreamsicles

Just the Right Shoe

Just the Right Shoes are created by and manufactured by Willitts Designs. In 1998, Just the Right Shoe introduced their first styles which included 18 shoes for the summer collection. Raine sculpted the shoes so they were approximately 4 inches so that they could be held in the palm of a woman's hand. They are detailed to give the appearance as if they had been worn. Club Membership are also available.  

For more information on Just the Right Shoe, visit their website at
www.willitts.com and click on Just the Right Shoe

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